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snippet: Urban Waste Water Treatment
summary: Urban Waste Water Treatment
extent: [[-63.1728659921693,-21.3805699836345],[55.8226000000001,71.1547093185526]]
accessInformation: © EEA, Copenhagen, 2016
thumbnail: thumbnail/thumbnail.png
typeKeywords: ["Data","Service","Map Service","ArcGIS Server"]
description: The map reflects the most recent available information on implementation of the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive (UWWTD) in EU as reported by the Member States under UWWTD (91/271/EEC). The last reporting exercise under UWWTD article 15 was organised in 2015 (UWWTD2015), with the European Commission aiming to receive information on the implementation of the UWWTD in the reference year 2014 (situation as at 31/12/2014).
title: Urban Waste Water Treatment
type: Map Service
tags: ["Urban","Waste Water","Waste Water Treatment"]
culture: en-GB
name: UWWT_WM_20171212_mod
guid: EA7516D9-68D9-4B91-966B-43D16DACC3E6
spatialReference: WGS_1984_Web_Mercator_Auxiliary_Sphere