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BathingWater/BathingWater_Dyna_WM_2022 (MapServer)

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The map displays bathing water locations and their quality for the latest (2022) as well as previous bathing seasons. Symbols such as charts, circles, and squares with bathers are colored based on the achieved quality status in the most recent (2022) season. The data is presented at two levels: country (less detailed scales) and bathing water (more detailed scales).

Data aggregated by country are represented as stacked charts, illustrating the distribution of bathing water quality classes. The number of bathing waters in each quality class is listed in a pop-up window that appears when the user clicks on a selected country on the map. At a more detailed scale, individual bathing waters are colored according to the quality status achieved in the most recent season. By clicking on an individual bathing water monitoring site, a pop-up window opens, providing various information about that specific bathing water, including its name, coordinates, a link (URL) to the national bathing water profile, and the achieved quality class. The quality status of the bathing waters is classified based on two microbiological parameters (Escherichia coli and Intestinal enterococci) defined in Directive 2006/7/EC Annexes I and II. The quality status describes the microbiological quality of water, considering that enough samples are available, as defined in Directive 2006/7/EC, Art. 4.3. Bathing waters can achieve one of four quality classes: "Excellent," "Good," "Sufficient," or "Poor." If there are not enough samples available for quality classification, the status "Not classified" is applied.

The historical data, listed in the pop-up window, includes the bathing water quality classification for the past ten years (2012-2022). To ensure comparability with the classification of the preceding Bathing Water Directive 76/160/EEC, the quality classes "Good" and "Sufficient" are merged for bathing waters monitored and reported in 2014 and earlier, as the assessment dataset could not yet facilitate quality assessment under the provisions of Directive 2006/7/EC.

Copyright Text: EEA, Bathing waters data and coordinates: Member states authorities.

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