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BathingWater/BathingWater_Dyna_WM_2019 (MapServer)

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Service Description:

Map shows bathing water locations and their quality for the latest as well as previous bathing seasons whereas all symbols (charts, circles and squares with bather) are coloured according to achieved quality status in the most recent season. Data are presented on two levels: country (less detailed scales) and bathing water (more detailed scales).

Data aggregated by country are visualised as stacked charts showing the distribution of bathing water quality classes by country. Number of bathing waters per each quality class is listed in pop-up window which appears when user clicks on the selected country on the map. In more detailed scales individual bathing waters are coloured according to quality status achieved in the most recent season. Pop-up windows can be opened with a click on individual bathing water monitoring site. The pop-up window shows various information regarding particular bathing water such as bathing water name, coordinates, link (URL) to national bathing water profile and assessment statuses.

The assessment statuses are as follows:

1. monitoring calendar status – describes implementation of monitoring calendar in the last reporting season as defined in Directive 2006/7/EC,Annex IV. The monitoring calendar status is assessed as “implemented” if pre-season sample was taken before the bathing season start, no fewer than four (alternatively, three) samples were taken during the bathing season and interval between sampling dates never exceeded one month. The monitoring calendar is assessed as “not implemented” if at least one of these requirements is not met and the reasons for suspension are not abnormal situation, inaccessible bathing water or implementation of changes.

2. management status – describes management in the last assessment period, whether the bathing water was continuously monitored or not. If bathing water has been monitored in each bathing season in the last assessment period the management status is “Continuously monitored”. Bathing waters which were identified for the first time within the last assessment period are assessed as “Newly identified”. Such status is assigned until the complete four-year dataset is available. If a bathing water was subject to changes described in Directive 2006/7/EC,Article 4.4 within the last assessment period, management status “Quality changes" is applied until complete four-year dataset of samples is available. “Monitoring gap” management status is applied to bathing waters which were not monitored for at least one season in the last assessment period. They can be quality-classified in parallel if enough samples are available in the period before and after the monitoring gap. No quality classification is made if not enough samples are reported for the most recent season.

3. quality status– the bathing waters are quality classified according to the two microbiological parameters (Escherichia coli and Intestinal enterococci) defined in Directive 2006/7/EC Annexes I and II. Quality statusdescribes microbiological quality of water as defined as enough samples are available (defined in Directive 2006/7/EC,Art. 4.3). Bathing water can achieve one of four quality classes: “Excellent”, “Good”, “Sufficient” or “Poor”. If not enough samples for quality classification are available, status “Not classified” is applied. Historical data, listed in the pop-up window include bathing water quality classification for the last ten years. For comparability with classification of the preceding Bathing Water Directive 76/160/EEC, quality classes “Good” and “Sufficient” are merged for the bathing waters (monitored and reported in 2014 and before) for which assessment dataset could not yet facilitate quality assessment under the provisions of Directive 2006/7/EC.

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