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Generate KML (UWWTD/UWWTD_WM_2020_v5)

    Urban waste water treatment plants(0)
      Treatment plants by treatment level by country(1)
      Treatment plants by treatment level(2)
      Treatment plants with additional treatment steps(3)
      Performance of treatment plants(4)
    Level of waste water treatment in agglomerations(5)
      Agglomerations by treatment level by country(6)
      Treatment level in big cities(7)
      Agglomerations by size [population equivalent](8)
    Discharge points and areas receiving the discharge(9)
      Discharge points by type of receiving area(10)
      Areas receiving the discharge(11)
        Sensitive river(12)
          Sensitive river line(13)
          Sensitive river area(14)
        Sensitive lake(15)
        Sensitive coast(16)
          Sensitive coast line(17)
          Sensitive coastal area(18)
        Sensitive transitional water(19)
        Other sensitive areas(20)
        Less sensitive coast(21)
          Less sensitive coast line(22)
          Less sensitive coastal area(23)
    Catchments of receiving areas(24)
      Catchments - sensitivity type(25)
      Catchments by legal designation(26)
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