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GroundwaterSoE/WISE_SoE_Gw_Quality_Nitrates_Dyna_WM (MapServer)

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Service Description: The map shows the mean annual concentrations of Nitrates (NO3) measured at WISE SoE groundwater monitoring stations during the period 2000 – 2011. All data are annual means aggregated by countries (visible when the map is zoomed to the scale of 1 : 6 000 001 and less detailed) or by WFD groundwater bodies (visible when the map is zoomed to the scale of 1 : 6 000 000 and more detailed). The data on the nitrates in groundwater are displayed as pie-charts illustrating the proportion of stations in the given country or WFD groundwater body within each of the following concentration classes based on annually aggregated mean nitrate concentration at stations for the selected year: Class1: ≤ 10 mg NO3/l Class2: > 10 ≤ 25 mg NO3/l Class3: > 25 ≤ 50 mg NO3/l Class4: > 50 mg NO3/l Pie charts are displayed only for those countries and groundwater bodies, for which relevant WISE SoE groundwater quality data were reported by countries for the year specified by the time slider. Groundwater bodies for which SoE data are available are hatched. The segments of the pies are coloured according to the different classes summing up to 100%. In this overview, each station has 1 count so the pie chart does not display the number of used stations in the respective status categories, just the proportion. The number of stations having a mean annual concentration of nitrates within the range of values specified for each classification class is available in the pop-up window, which is displayed after clicking on the given country's, respective. groundwater body. GIS data for the WFD groundwater bodies shown in the map were reported by countries within the first RBMP reporting period according to the WFD Article 13 until June 2012. Individual groundwater bodies were assigned by countries to 8 distinct vertical horizons (numbered as horizon 0, horizon 1, ...., horizon 7). In this map, boundaries of groundwater bodies are generalized. The entire original dataset called "GIS reference layer of WFD groundwater bodies" will be published by the EEA. Since the polygons of groundwater bodies in different horizons are overlapping, their common display is not providing an easy survey, Therefore, GIS data of horizons were grouped into 4 data layers containing non-overlapping polygons as follows: Horizons 0+1: Upper groundwater bodies in the top wall of other groundwater bodies or groundwater bodies delineated only in one horizon in the given country. This data layer contains Swiss groundwater bodies as well, because the general rules close to WFD instructions were used for delineation of these groundwater bodies. Horizons 2 + 5 + 6 + 7: Groundwater bodies located underneath upper groundwater bodies of horizons 0 and 1 or groundwater bodies without top wall groundwater bodies of horizons 0 and 1. Horizon 3: Groundwater bodies in deeper structures in the base of horizons 0, 1 and 2. Horizon 4: Groundwater bodies in the deepest structures in the base of horizons 0, 1, 2 and 3. The display of these 4 data layers containing grouped polygons can be switched on and off individually by the user through the check boxes in the pull-down menu, which is available under the "Layers" button. Abbreviations added in brackets behind the attribute names in the pop-up windows (WFD / SoE) specify whether the given attribute was reported by that country under the WFD Art.13 reporting obligation or within WISE SoE reporting.

Map Name: Nitrates in groundwater by countries and WFD gw bodies


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Layers: Description: The map composition shows the data selected from the reporting of member and collaborating countries on groundwater quality in groundwater sites. Reported data have been assessed and processed by the ETC/ICM and the EEA. Disaggregated records were annually aggregated by countries and by groundwater bodies and statistical values were calculated. The results of the quality assessment are incorporated.

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